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You think you don’t need a website? Think Again!

Not long ago print media, billboards, TV commercials ruled the business marketing world. Most large businesses relied on these channels of communication to reach their target audiences. Many businesses still rely on them today. However, the tides have changed since the evolution of internet. Internet has changed many things in our individual lives. It has influenced the way we communicate with one another, the way we dress (yes, the way you dress because some of those dressing fashions you are using right now was copied from a certain website!), the way we order food and other stuff, the way we access information is certainly one of the most affected.  Our health seeking behaviour has not been spared either. In the same way that the internet has changed many things about our individual lives; it has also changed many things about business operations and therefore business survivals. Many business people are now realizing that running a successful business marketing needs going beyond the conventional marketing strategies; the billboards, print media (news papers, magazines etc), TV and radio commercials because these business marketing strategies have been rendered less effective by arrival of internet and so internet marketing. You can no longer feel at ease by having your business advertised in the print media like newspapers, magazines or on billboards only. Many strategic business people realized this and jumped straight into the bandwagon of online business presence. However, many are still skeptical about everything concerning internet that they have vowed not to learn anything about it let alone taking their businesses online. They complain about everything concerning internet; from supposedly high cost to how there are many con-men and con-women online. True, there are many wrong elements online but there are also golden opportunities online. Look at Google, Facebook, Amazon etc; they are among the top businesses in the world and their businesses are based online! About high cost of internet, I’m not sure. Maybe in some countries, internet affordability could be a challenge. However, overall the cost of internet is lower than the cost of print media advertising. Why? This is because once you set up your website, your business gains exposure 24/7! It doesn’t need to be closed when you lock your store or office and go home. In other words, internet allows your business to remain awake when you are sleeping! What’s more? Your business is mobile even if you are not. It can spin around the world in seconds. This is something that you cannot achieve through billboards for instance. With more evolution of internet enabled mobile devices, you have only one choice and that is to take your business online. You need to do this fast enough before you have sustained irreparable damage to your business. Your business needs exposure 24/7 and the only way you can achieve it is through internet! You can establish a web presence for your business through a business website. You can find further information about establishing your own business website here.

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