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Welcome to Nihetu members’ community

Nihetu is a website dedicated to empowering people to overcome their limitations and scale higher heights. We believe that every human has potential to attain achievements beyond their imaginations. However, few people always go on to attain reach their full potentials. This is due to certain limitations brought about by circumstances surrounding each individual.  Subsequently, many people remain locked within the confine of “their boundaries” i.e within their limitations! Nihetu seeks to break those boundaries and allow each individual to reach their full potential of achievements through harnessing the power of people to people’s solutions. In this regard, we require people who are joining this community to be pro-people solutions providers. That means your activity in this community should contribute to the empowerment of humanity directly. Your posts should be response to questions or challenges raised by other members or the post should be providing specific information of interest in the post categories provided. No advertising materials are allowed in this community. For those who want to advertise their products or services, we advise you to contact the website administrator directly and not to post any advert on this community forum. No compliance will lead to deletion of member’s account as well as blacklisting such a member. We expect your maximum cooperation. Otherwise, we wish a transcendental experience on nihetu.

The power of helping others

Many times in our lives we reach a point when we are overwhelmed by situations around us. This could be a success or a failure situation. However, the latter is more common. Whether it is a success or failure situation, we need some help. I know you may be asking; why would I need help when I succeed in doing something that has been giving me sleepless nights? Others may be saying; “it’s only failures who need help!” Well I can understand where you are standing. But the truth is whether we all need some form of help whether we find ourselves in a success or failure situation. It might be obvious to understand why someone who has failed in something may need help but that may not be the same situation for another person who has succeeded in accomplishing a certain task. Continue reading

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