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Effective ways to share your contents, posts or sites in forums  

Have you ever been in a situation where you have developed your website, blog or information that you feel must be seen by people outside there? However, when you look at your website, you don’t find enough traffic on site and you are so desperate to have people visit your website. You try to use your Facebook, twitter, Whats App pages to promote your site but still you get no traffic. Then you read somewhere that forums are a good place to promote websites and you jump in and start posting your website, blogs in every forum that comes your way but still gets no results. At this point, you have already given up trying to promote your site.  If you are or have ever found yourself in such a situation, then this article may be precisely for you.  In line with our objective of empowering humanity to transcend their boundaries and attain their full potentials, I have decided to share some tips for effectively promoting your website, blogs or articles in forums. If you follow these tips, you will begin to see results. No matter how slow it will be, you will be able to build a long-term traffic for your content, website or blog. Continue reading

You think you don’t need a website? Think Again!

Not long ago print media, billboards, TV commercials ruled the business marketing world. Most large businesses relied on these channels of communication to reach their target audiences. Many businesses still rely on them today. However, the tides have changed since the evolution of internet. Internet has changed many things in our individual lives. It has influenced the way we communicate with one another, the way we dress (yes, the way you dress because some of those dressing fashions you are using right now was copied from a certain website!), the way we order food and other stuff, the way we access information is certainly one of the most affected. Continue reading

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